"Cryptoeconomics models in social media"
January, 2018. Co-Author.

"PROPS: A decentralized ecosystem of video applications"
November, 2017. In collaboration with YouNow, Inc.

"Sweetbridge: a blockchain-based protocol stack for global commerce and supply chains"
May, 2017. Co-Author.

"Kin: a decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life"
May, 2017. In collaboration with Kik Interactive, Inc.

"Etherisc: a decentralized insurance and reinsurance marketplace" (V0.3)
December, 2016.
Most funded project at

"A probability model for decentralized parametric insurance" (Working Draft)
December, 2016.

"Affiliate marketing systems for blockchain enabled products" 
August, 2016.

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June, 2015.

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December, 2009.

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November, 2009.

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June, 2009.

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May, 2009.


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"Community ownership as a blockchain adoption model"
From "Blockchains in the Mainstream" (eBook, Jeremy Epstein). December, 2016.
Review by Fred Wilson.

Disruptive technologies, speculative capital, and Thinking Big about Steemit
Medium. July, 2016.

Blockchain investments and the new problem asset for conventional VCs
Medium. July, 2016.

Perspective: customer acquisition and retention on SteemIt
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"Jentzsch Radiation"? The DAO is very slowly leaking Ether
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On ethics in decentralized systems
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A sane model for pricing Augur REP tokens
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Explaining blockchain to traditional investors through growth capital
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" Whitepaper and Token Plan"
October, 2016.

"WINGS: A project governance and backing platform with incentivized forecasting"
September, 2016.